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Lokacija: Sarajevo
Rasa: Mješanac
Starost: 1.5 - 3 godine
Spol: Mužijak
O meni

Pepe is a calm boy with brown eyes, ginger colour, and he looks like the cutest plush dog. He is up to 3 years old and weighs only 6 kg. He is the type of an Airedale terrier, only much smaller with shorter muzzle, but with the same coat. His hair is a bit coarser and he does not shed much, so his maintenance is much easier. His hair cut very short in colder weather requires wearing coats to which he has already become accustomed, because if we do not protect him, so small, with short hair and thin skin, he could freeze and catch a cold.

He has been taught to walk on a loose leash, which he does not pull away from. He is very obedient, always looking back and following the rhythm of the person walking him. He is very caring, attentive, and delicate. He is friendly, but initially cautious, to other dogs and he does not like rough play.

What Pepe really likes is a leisurely walk on sunny days and lying in bed at home. This is why he would be ideal for a family who live in an apartment and lead a less active and calmer life, and even for older people. He would not even be a problem for a family out and away from home during the day because Pepe does not cause problems, he is not destructive in an apartment, as long as he is not closed in a small space. 

He is currently in the process of adopting basic commands, which is going slowly but surely. He likes treats and toys, especially fluffy ones, and enjoys anything that does not require a huge waste of energy.

The family who adopts him will surely get a puppy that will be very attached to them and provide a lot attention, love, and cuddling, which this dog with a cuddly, calm nature is eager for.

To rehome Pepe, apply at

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Kako funkcionira udomljavanje

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