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Lokacija: Sarajevo
Rasa: Mješanac
Starost: 1.5 - 3 godine
Spol: Ženka
O meni

Gipsy is a small mixed breed, weighing only 8 kg, and up to 3 years old. She has a head shape and ears position of the Lapland Shepherd, so she probably belongs to the type of smaller breeds of sheepdogs.

It is just amazing how cuddly she is with people and other dogs. She relaxes quickly in the company of children and immediately turns on her back in a friendly manner to invite you to rub her belly.

At first, Gipsy did not like riding in a car at all, but a positive experience can change that quickly.

She is well motivated to treats and food, which helps significantly in learning basic commands.

Gipsy has medium length hair that sheds moderately and requires combing once or twice a week. She has been taught to live in an apartment and has good manners indoors. She defecates only during walks, and she walks relaxed on a leash without pulling away. She is still getting used to playing with toys because she has not had them before.

In addition to cuddling with people and children, this cute tricoloured dog also likes to play with other dogs, and she could stay with another friendly pet.

Gipsy is not particularly demanding, and several types of families would suit her - both families with children who live in an apartment and elderly people, because Gipsy follows the rhythm of the person with whom she lives and she is very adaptable. She functions well even with cats, which means that these pets are also acceptable.

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Kako funkcionira udomljavanje

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