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Lokacija: Sarajevo
Rasa: Zlatni retriver
Starost: 6 - 12 mjeseci
Spol: Ženka
O meni

A charming rescued golden Retriever named Medena will win you over immediately with a wonderful smile and lovely nature. Only 9 months old and weighing 26 kg, Medena classifies into medium to large dogs, so a family who live in a house with a fenced yard where she could often play would play suit her best.

Medena knows several basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘come’, and ‘give a paw’, and what is particularly important - she immediately responds to her name and comes when called.

She walks on a loose leash. She is very intelligent and devoted to learning new tricks.

When learning commands, she is obedient and patient, but in play she feels that she is young because she cannot resist being playful and energetic. She especially likes to run after the ball and also to play with any toys that provide a more dynamic type of play.

She is friendly to any dog that approaches her and she could be in a home with another dog, which would actually be great for her because she would use up her energy faster at play.

She is highly tolerant even to cats, but she has special love for the children with whom she likes to play the most.

Her long hair requires a bit more maintenance or more frequent visits to the groomer, but once this intelligent dog wins you over with her nature, nothing will seem difficult to do for her.

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Zlatni retriver Zlatni retriver
9 mjeseci 9 mjeseci
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Kako funkcionira udomljavanje

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