Ten-Year Cooperation between Dogs Trust Foundation and VFUNSA Continues

Last week, the Dogs Trust delegation had a meeting with the representatives of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sarajevo.

The Dogs Trust Foundation representatives, president Anel Bećirović and neutering and training officer Anida Dinarević met with the rector of the University of Sarajevo, prof. dr. Rifat Škrijelj, general secretary Kenan Filipović, and head of the accounting and finance department Merisa Kurtanović, and discussed the continuation of cooperation and modalities for its improvement. They also discussed the implementation of the Veterinary Training Programme for veterinary medicine experts, funded by the Dogs Trust Foundation, as a continuation of their regular activities.
The programme objective is to improve the capacity of the veterinary profession, which is key to the implementation of measures of the Law on Animal Protection and Welfare in BiH, and to achieve a permanent and sustainable solution to the stray dog problem. To date, nearly 450 candidates have successfully completed the training within our programme, and due to its excellence, it was also included in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the University of Sarajevo. As in previous years, our objective is to improve the living conditions of stray dogs and raise awareness of the population about the importance of caring for dogs on the streets.