Dog school

How to apply?

Dogs Trust still fully finances the training for candidates who come regularly to the sessions and follow the instructions of our trainers!

Please fill all fields in the Application Form.

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NOTE: In periods that are not announced for visits to other regions, training at the Dog School takes place at its permanent location, Semizovac bb.

Working hours

utorak - petak: 12:00 - 20:30
subota: 9:00 - 17:30
nedelja i ponedeljak: neradni


Mirza Jalovčić, Head Coach – 063 49 09 05
Mufid Aruković, Coach – 063 77 64 88


Something unexpected can happen to anyone that will prevent them from coming to class, but please inform the trainers directly about any absence as soon as possible.

Frequent absences hinder good training results, and the School's rule is that after two consecutive absences, a new application is required.

Where are we located?

The dog school is located at Semizovac bb (right below the Energopetrol pump), near Vogošćanska petlja and the A1 road.

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Dog School in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a part of Dogs Trust Dog School network which operates by the same standard procedures, high standards and quality as in the UK.

All dogs over 2 months of age are welcome, subject only to the vaccines against infectious diseases. All dogs learn the basic commands necessary for everyday life, and we also organise separate, one-to-one training sessions for dogs who have already developed unwanted behaviours.
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