How can you help

Unfortunately, the Dogs Trust BiH Foundation does not yet have its own dog adoption center, so volunteering of this kind is not available. But if you love dogs, here's how you can help us!
BECOME A TEMPORARY OWNER/FOSTERING VOLUNTEER and help us find the best, happy and permanent home for as many rescued dogs as possible by raising awareness of your environment
We all know that there are many quality abandoned dogs that could become great pets, but the success of our Program also depends on the willingness of volunteers to work with us! Help us find as many dogs as possible their permanent, happy home! If you can responsibly care for and provide love and care to a rescued dog while we look for the best home for him and cover all costs, apply!

Learn more about this program in a short video, and for additional questions, write to our Fostering coordinator Elvira at [email protected]!

Our best friends are you who want to help and contribute to a permanent, humane and legal solution to the problem of abandoned dogs in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Become a Dogs Trust BFF

All our Dogs Trust BFFs will receive a Dogs Trust BFF card with their membership number in the post.
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As our BFF, you will help educate and raise awareness about the important issue of efficient and humane dog population management by:
• help us in education and raising awareness
• give your opinion about our media campaigns
• participate in our research and surveys
• share stories about dogs looking for a home
• attend our public events and gatherings
• come to BFF seminars and gatherings
• help family and friends learn more about dog welfare
• share stories about dogs looking for a home