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Rasa: Mješanac
Starost: 1 - 6 mjeseci
Spol: Mužijak
O meni

Lola is about 18 months old, she is very small and weighs only 6 kg. She has sweet brown eyes and short white hair. It is assumed that Lola is a Maltese because she was rescued from the world of intensive breeding that no dog deserves. We are determined to find true love for her and responsible owners who will love her and take good care of her for the rest of her life. 

Lola likes to roll around in her bed, and sometimes she brings a treat with her to entertain herself while she nibbles on it. A quieter lifestyle suits her, but she likes to meet other dogs, children, and people. She gets along well with other dogs she has met from our Rehoming programme. Lola has already been taught to live in an apartment and mastered all the basic commands quite well. She knows well to defecate only outside, during walks, which she loves as much as any stay in nature. 

Like all small white dogs, she occasionally produces tears that need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection in the eye area. Also, due to her short and sparse hair, when she goes for a walk during colder days, she should wear a coat or sweater so she does not catch a cold. 

Lola is looking for a home in an apartment with a family or individual with a calmer and more relaxed lifestyle without excessive physical activity.

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Kako funkcionira udomljavanje

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