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Rasa: Mješanac
Starost: 1 - 6 mjeseci
Spol: Mužijak
O meni

Nella is a calm little girl about one and a half years old. She is a mixed breed with beautiful colours. She is small - weighing about 7.5 kg, and she will not grow any more. Her hair requires regular brushing so she would not shed, especially in the spring-autumn period. Brushing two to three times a week is enough to prevent frequent shedding, and this can also be achieved by cutting her hair. She is currently with a temporary owner with another sweet Dogs Trust mixed breed named Izabela, with whom she gets along fabulously. She has been taught to live in an apartment, and like any dog that comes to a new home, she will need a few days to get used to the space and people, in which the patience, support, and love of the new owners can help her the most. Nella loves to curl up in her bed or on the couch and sleep. She walks without problems on a loose leash, and she is currently actively learning basic commands, which she is very good at.

Since she is not particularly active, the ideal happy, permanent home for Nella would be with a person or family with a quieter, slower lifestyle. 

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Kako funkcionira udomljavanje

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