Dogs Trust organized a large get-together in Mostar on Saturday, 10 June

The Dogs Trust BiH Foundation organized a large get-together for dog owners and lovers, families with children and all other friends from Mostar, on the pedestrian zone between the Grammar school and Španski Square on Saturday, 10 June 2023.
As part of the event titled “Responsible to Pets and the Community”, attendees were able to participate in an interactive presentation on dog body language - the way dogs tell us how they feel. Visitors who previously submitted photos of their pets at the invitation of the Dogs Trust are included in the prize draw, while photos are posted at the event for all to see. 
As part of the prize draw, the winners received valuable and useful prizes:
3 quality Dogs Trust dog beds
3 quality Dogs Trust car mats so you can drive your pet in the car
•Gift packages with supplies and gifts such as a portable food and water bowl, leash, necklace, diary, mug, etc. 
Our team members, including veterinarians, were available to provide necessary advice to dog owners during the socializing, while the youngest friends enjoyed an educational and entertainment workshop that lasted throughout the event. 
Dogs are generally social and cooperative creatures, but they cannot tell us in human language how they feel, so learning about dog body language helps us to take better care of our pets, but also to be safer with dogs in general. 
For the eleventh year already, Dogs Trust in BiH has realized its valuable programs designed to sustainably support the permanent, humane, and legal resolution of the problem of stray dogs, as well as improve the safety and well-being of both the community and dogs.
In Mostar, through cooperation with the City of Mostar, which last year awarded this Foundation a certificate of gratitude for exceptional support in this matter, mass sterilization campaigns for stray dogs have been carried out for several years, as well as the Education Program, which includes the entire public, especially children. 
The dog school, which, otherwise located near Sarajevo, has already visited Mostar, when the owners from this city were given the opportunity to train their pet good manners at no cost out of their own pocket, and these visits will continue in the future.
Learn more about our work and about “dog language”: