Dogs Trust Supports Sarajevo Mountain Rescue Service in Starting their K9 Search Unit

Dogs Trust Bosnia Representatives recently visited the Canton Sarajevo Mountain Rescue Service to deliver much-needed transport crates and few other dog goodies for the launch of their K9 Search Unit. 

A large number of wonderful dogs have been faithfully saving people in need since ancient times, and such dogs from our country have just recently again proven themselves heros saving lives in the natural disaster in Turkey.

Dogs Trust has been investing its resources and capacities for over 10 years to help Bosnia and Herzegovina in a sustainable improving of dog welfare and the wellbeing of the community in which they live, because these two are inseparable.

Our individual results are exceptional, and our goal that this support is used efficidently by the responsible government institutions, the only ones who can and are obliged to the citizens who elect them, to establish self-sustainable, humane dog population management, as required by all local legislation.

In addition to its standard programs designed specifically to support the humane and legal resolutions of the problem of abandoned dogs in accordance with its mission and available resources, Dogs Trust is often involved in positive events in the community, and is always pleased to support humane services and the welfare of dogs.

We all know the story of the age-old friendship between man and dog, and it is also well known how much these noble animals participate in making our lives happier, but also in saving our lives. Let's all remember this at all times, especially now, when dogs still have to live on the street, not by their choice, but because of irresponsibility of people.

We wish the Mountain Rescue Service, which, we note, does its great work solely thanks to enthusiastic and brave volunteers, good luck and success in starting an important K9 service, as well as in their future work which is so important for the community!