About us

Dogs Trust Worldwide Foundation Bosnia is the largest part of Dogs Trust Worldwide. Dogs Trust is one of the largest dog welfare charities in the world and the largest of this kind in the UK. Our mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Since 2012, we provide significant practical and financial, as well as technical and advisory support to communities and local authorities which are solely in charge and responsible to resolve the stray dog problem via consistent implementation of the humane state animal welfare legislation, and ensure humane and efficient Dog Population Management system. Dogs Trust is funded exclusively from donation which yet have not been collected in Bosnia, and is not receiving funds from any budget. Our work is non-profit and implemented in accordance with our standard procedures and compliant to all local legislation, and with the approval of the Board our donors.


How are we financed?

Dogs Trust is primarily financed by generous donations of individual animal lovers in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Funds are not received from any public budget, and donations are not collected in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By the end of October 2021, Dogs Trust invested 37,492,929 BAM in Programmes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our team


Emir Redžepović



Suvad Cibra

Head of education

Aida Hulusić

Education Officer

Vernes Pilav

Education Officer


Anida Dinarević

Head of operations

Ajdin Bašić

Veterinary Coordinator

Mia Ćeifović Baltić

Veterinary Coordinator

Muhidin Tabaković

Campaigns Ass. & Training Cord.

Mirza Jalovčić

Head Coach

Mufid Aruković

Senior Coach

Elvira Kapidžić

Fostering Coordinator

Alida Omanović

Veterinary Coordinator

Milena Glavatović



Sanja Bianculli

Head of MKT&PR

Haris Raonić

Marketing & PR assistent


Emir Redžepović

Head of Admin., HR & Fin.

Amina Bogućanin

Administrative Assistant

Sanja Kazazić

Finance Assistant

Jasmina Feriz


Team, partners and friends

Adrian Burder (1964 – 2018)

Former Dogs Trust Chief Executive (Former Dogs Trust Chief Executive)

Owen Sharp


Clarissa Baldwin

Secretary & Chief Executive

Graeme Robertson


Karen Reed

Executive Director of Dogs Trust Worldwide

Runa Hanaghan

Deputy Veterinary Director at Dogs Trust

Rachel Casey

Veterinary Surgeon, animal behaviourist and welfare scientist

Brett Llewellyn

Finance Director

Matthew Taylor

Property Director

Philip Daubney

Dogs Trust i zastupnik u Dogs Trust Worldwide

David Newall

Head of International (former)

Ian Rose

Trustee of Dogs Trust UK

Jim Monteith

Dogs Trust Finance Director, Acting CEO Dogs Trust

Richard Murgatroyd


Alasdair Bunyan

Senior Training & Behaviour Manager, Dogs Trust

Paula Boyden

Vet Director, Dogs Trust

Gareth Thomas

Head of International (former)

Machiko Nakano

Branch Manager, AW NGO Japan

Lucy James

FA to Chief Executive, Dogs Trust

Hannah Macey

Senior Press officer Dogs Trust

Ziela Haider

Dogs Trust Press Office

Julie Okamoto

Board of Directors, AW NGO Japan

Brian Faulkner

Consultant & Technical Adviser

Saša Bošković

DVM, DT Veterinary coordinator for Sarajevo-Zvornik region, NGO Koliba

Selma Memišević

Philantrophy Programme Coordinator, FTZ

Elizabeth Oliver

MBE, ARK Board Chairman, AW NGO Japan

Jasna Jašarević

CEO of the Tuzla Community Foundation

Marijana Kalajdžić

Serbian language and literature professor, education officer for Zvornik region

Mirela Feriz

President of the NGO “ŠAPA” Zenica, DT Project dog catcher

Lejla Merdanović

President of Assembly at NGO “ŠAPA”, DT Project dog catcher

Aida Pašalić

Member of NGO “ŠAPA”

Alisa Viteškić

Member of the Board of directors of NGO “ŠAPA” Zenica, DT Project coordinator

Hadis Mujičić

DT Project dog catcher, NGO “ŠAPA” Zenica

Berina Hrvić

DT Project dog catcher, NGO “ŠAPA” Zenica

Jelena Despot

Member of the Board of directors of NGO “ŠAPA” Zenica, of of the founders of the NGO

Jelena Mišković

President of the NGO “O”

Jasenka Jarebica

Program coordinator for Canton 10, vice-president of the NGO “O”

Maja Buljan

Education Officer , Kanton 10

Vatrenka Mišković

Education Officer , Kanton 10

Faruk Hodžić

English language and literature professor, Education Officer Tuzla Canton

Aleksandar Todorović

English language and literature professor, Education Officer Tuzla Canton

Slađana Grbić

Economist, Republic of Srpska

Branka Gluhinić

Economist, Kosovo

Siniša Cakanic

Economist, Kosovo

Andrijana Čajić

FTZ Programme Coordinator

Predrag Dabić

Veterinary coordinator for Canton 10

Hannah Wilkinson

Head Coach, Dog School South East

Philip White

Member of the Dogs Trust Board of Trustees

Veronica Carbone

Member of the Dogs Trust Board of Trustees

Phd Slaven Grbić

DVM, Programme coordinator/veterinary coordinator Banja Luka Region

Armin Redžepović

Veterinary Coordinator for Tuzla Canton

Boris Brajović

Education Officer, East Sarajevo

Milka Kalajdžić

Education Officer, Zvornik Region

Miloranka Dejanović

Education Officer, Wider Banja Luka Region

Slađana Bosiljčić Brajović

Education Officer, East Sarajevo

Emica Ćorić

Programme Coordinator for Hercegovina-Neretva Canton

Ivana Rimać

Education Officer Canton 10

Anđela Ćosić

Education Officer, Hercegoinva-Neretva Canton

Benjamin Jusić

Education Officer, Hercegoinva-Neretva Canton

Joanne Howard

Dogs Trust Worldwide Trustee and Non-executive Director (July 2019)

Adam Clowes

Operations Director